There’s an Evil Sitting on Malacañang Throne, Nun Says

At least one of the Catholic nuns called President Rodrigo Duterte “evil sitting on Malacañang throne” during the celebration of Edsa Revolution on Saturday, February 25.

Former St Scholastica's College president Sister Mary John Mananzan said she felt "horrified" as thousands of Filipinos staged rallies on Thursday, September 21, against abuses under President Rodrigo Duterte.
“Alam mo yong feeling na nararamdaman mo tuwing nakikita mo siyang nakaupo sa trono. Para kang nakakakita ng diyablo”, Mananzan said refering to Mr. Duterte.

Mananzan made these remarks after a 2:00 pm Mass at the San Agustin Church, where Caloocan Bishop Pablo Virgilio David criticized "termites" that eat up "our collective conscience as a nation."
The Mass was followed by a 20-minute march of Catholic laypersons, priests, and nuns to Rizal Park in Manila, where they merged with other protesters for one of the biggest rallies during Duterte's presidency.

Mananzan said that protesters made the following appeals: "no to extrajudicial killings, no to tyranny, no to martial law, no to authoritarianism, and no to the killing of the Filipino soul."

She also said that only collective prayers is strong enough to oust the “evil from Malacañang”, but denied being supporterd by “yellows”.

“I asked every Catholic to pray for the demise of evil occupying the Malacañang. This is the only we the good can defeat the evil”, the nun said.



  1. Wow! What A Christian Faith! The Evils Devils WEARS SOTANAS In The Church and Schools. Where Is The Separation of Church and State?


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